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1) Who are Pay-Plan?

- Independent salary packaging and remuneration benefit specialists

- NOT financial planners

- DO NOT sell investment / insurance

- NOT owned by a life office, fund manager, finance company or fleet manager

2) What do we do?

Advice - assisting you to make better salary packaging decisions

Establish your salary package

On-going management and administration of your salary package

3) What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging allows an employee to receive their salary as a mixture of cash and approved non-cash benefits. By receiving non-cash benefits an employee's taxable income will be lower and their disposable income higher as a result of salary packaging.

4) How much can I benefit?

Everybody is an individual with different circumstances and expenses, so the extent to which salary packaging will benefit a person varies from person to person. If you would like a more accurate idea please feel free to ring our office to arrange an appointment with a consultant.

5) Why should I Salary Package?

The advantages of salary packaging enable an employee to:

- Increase their disposable income

- Pay for everyday expenses with pre-tax dollars

- Allocate salary and benefits to suit their individual situation

The beauty of salary packaging is that to get a pay rise all you may have to do is change the way your salary is structured and not your job!

7) What is a Novated Lease?

A Novated Lease is a series of arrangements between the leasing company, the employer and the employee. Novated leases are very common because the employer can make the payments from pre tax salary on behalf of the employee, but with all responsibility for the car remaining with the employee and not the employer.

8) How do I make an expense claim?

To make an expense claim you will need to fill out a Reimbursement Expense Claim form. These may be located on your employers log in page or by contacting Pay-Plan. This form must be attached to your tax invoices that you want to claim for. Please make sure you provide proof of payment with your tax invoices and that you provide us with the originals. However, photocopies and faxes will be accepted for non GST items and insurance and registration. Then all you have to do is post it to: PO Box 669 SOUTH PERTH WA 6951


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