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Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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Why Pay-Plan?

How we help your employees

  • Giving your employees what they really want
    By designing and maintaining a salary package that suits them.
  • We negotiate the best discounts
    By being fully transparent and completely independent, we negotiate the best discounts with suppliers and pass these onto the employee making salary packaging even more beneficial.
  • Educating and supporting them
    Through our workshops and one-to-one sessions, we firstly fully understand their financial and lifestyle needs and then educate your employees about what package is best for them. Your Pay-Plan specialist will be on-call whenever they need assistance.
  • Having a secure, easy to use online system
    So your employees can access their own account information anytime.

Unlike many other packaging companies, Plan-Plan’s quality accreditation means you can have complete trust in our policies and procedures.

How we help you, the employer

Whether you are a corporate or a PBI, most HR staff aren’t salary packaging experts. Even if yours are, it is unlikely they have the time to administer it properly.

Pay-Plan saves your payroll, taxation, finance and HR staff from time-consuming monthly reconciliations, employee questions, reporting and all the other detailed administrative demands that most other salary packaging and fleet companies would require from you.

We keep the process simple, while ensuring that everything is thoroughly checked, legally compliant and professionally completed. Importantly the employees contact us, not you.

Here’s how little your staff will have to do…

…and the short time it is expected to take:

  • When an employee applies for salary packaging through Pay-Plan’s streamlined online system, your HR staff gives the application final approval (or rejection).
    Approx. 3 minutes
    (however, we can help you automate your system for it to take only seconds)
  • After Pay-Plan creates the salary package for an employee, the payroll officer amends the pay structure.
    Under 3 minutes.
  • Every 12 months, the employee’s package is reviewed so Pay-Plan needs to know if anything has changed with that employee’s salary – only a yes/no answer is required from human resources.
    Under 1 minute
  • At the end of the FBT year, Pay-Plan provides full FBT reporting where your staff member copies the figures into your system.
    Approx. 5 minutes.
  • For monthly or quarterly GST returns, Pay-Plan sends you the all the relevant GST transaction data and then sends the reimbursement as an electronic transfer.
    Approx. 2-3 minutes.
  • When an employee leaves, your organisation notifies Pay-Plan by email so we can attend to that change.
    2 minutes max.

That adds up to 17 minutes at most. We do all the rest - and we do it well, because we are salary packaging experts.

Cutting-edge knowledge, old fashioned service

There is no ‘call centre teeth-grinding’ with Pay-Plan. All your calls will be responded to quickly by your allocated Pay-Plan specialist – the person who already knows your business, your staff, your systems and what particular advice you will need.

Learn more about how we help corporates and PBIs.

Want to reduce your HR and finance staff’s workload while increasing harmony at your workplace? Talk to us.

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