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Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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8 Things you need to know before ...

... before hiring a salary packaging company

Will the salary packaging company:

1.      Write your Salary Packaging Policy
   to suit your particular organisation?

2.      Create an online Salary Package Information Package
   so all your employees can understand what salary packaging is,

          how it can help them and how to apply?

3.      Create the right package to offer your ideal candidate
   so you get the staff you need to succeed?

4.      Create the right package to offer your current staff member
   so you keep the staff you need to grow effectively?

5.      Educate and support your employees
   throughout their employment with you so they always feel

          secure, informed and valued?

6.      Maintain and report on each salary package
  on behalf of your human resources and finance staff?

7.      Tie up all the administrative loose ends
   when an employee leaves your organisation?

8.      Reconcile your FBT and prepare all the tax information you


         so your tax team can focus on core business?

If not, talk to Pay-Plan to get the salary packaging service you deserve - Talk to us

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