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Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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Anyone managing a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) knows how tight money can be.

You also know how vital your team is – and how challenging it can be to keep good staff, despite the important work that you do.

Salary packaging need not cost your PBI a cent

It all depends on how it’s organised. There are other benefits you can enjoy too:

  • No off-the-shelf program
    We create a programme based on your particular organisation’s culture, which reflects accurately and powerfully just how much you value your team.
  • A different approach for each employee
    We create every salary package around each individual’s wants, needs and circumstances. For those currently working for you AND those considering it, we will talk through the benefits of the salary packaging programme so they clearly understand what package will best suit them and why.
  • Attract and retain great employees through education & participation
    No other salary packaging company offers anything akin to Pay-Plan’s education programme. Firstly, the programme is customised especially for your employees. Information is then shared through:
    • small group workshops at your workplace
    • updated online information
    • your internal communications (via company e-newsletters, etc.)
    • your Pay-Plan specialist’s one-to-one consultancy service.
  • No call centres or voice-mail
    You don’t have time for frustrating telephone queues prohibitive answering services. All your calls will be responded to quickly by your allocated Pay-Plan specialist.
  • Clear communication at all times
    Your payroll, taxation, finance or HR staff will be able to access our easy and reliable online salary packaging system anytime, so they will never lose touch. And your employees will be able to login and access their own account information.
  • No hidden fees or commissions
    Being fully transparent, we let you know how it all works and what it is going to cost – right from the start.
  • We are highly flexible and tie up any loose ends
    We can change the salary package as your employee’s needs and situations change, no problem. The employee can also stop packaging at any time provided all obligations have been complied with. And when your employee leaves the company or a lease ends, we always ensure all documentation is attended to.

Tending to your team

Working for your organisation is reward enough, most of the time.

But you can easily give your team – and those wanting to join it – a lot extra through salary packaging.

Pay-Plan can create a salary package incorporating the benefits each employee wants, when they want them, with a payment structure they can afford.

Common packaging benefits include:

  • Pay-Plan’s Living Expenses Card
  • Pay-Plan’s Meals & Entertainment Card
    (wide selection of retailers, restaurants, activities etc.)
  • holiday accommodation
  • novated lease
  • home relocation
  • remote housing assistance
  • personal assistance
  • special occasions and events (e.g. wedding, birthday, etc.)
  • mortgage and loan repayments
  • venue hire
  • superannuation.

Your employee may also be eligible for a wider range of income-tested benefits e.g. Family Assistance.

How will they know what to choose?
We help them decide what package will work best through our education workshops, one-to-one sessions and telephone support service – always using language your employees understand.

Peace of mind, knowing it’s all done for you

Salary Packaging can be highly demanding administratively if not outsourced to specialists. Allow your staff to focus on their areas of expertise - and leave the demands of salary packaging to us.

Our extensive service includes:

  • Collection and vetting of all information required to create the salary package
  • Transparent negotiations with service providers
  • Processing the employee’s salary package
  • Purpose built salary packaging card, widely accepted (even overseas) and real time reporting
  • Duplicate claim checking
  • Processing all taxation and HR reports required
  • Salary sacrifice and employee contributions reports sent to your payroll officer for every wage cycle
  • Salary Packaging Program performance reports
  • Annual, on-demand and end-of-lease reviews

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