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Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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For Corporates

Want to have a more motivated workplace AND save money?

You can, through Pay-Plan’s special salary packaging service.

How you save money

  • Save on recruitment costs
    by attracting the candidates you really want – and keeping them.
  • Save on training costs
    by keeping the staff you value, you are less likely to have to train someone new.
  • Save on wage increases
    Rather than increasing your employee’s wage, offer them something they really value through salary sacrifice.
  • Save through tax incentives
    Take advantage of reductions in payroll tax offered through salary packaging under the Fringe Benefits Tax Act.

How you have a more motivated workplace

Your employees receive the benefits they want, when they want them, at a price (and using a process) they can afford.

Common packaging benefits include:

  • novated lease
  • associate lease
  • home relocation
  • remote housing
  • laptops & PDAs*
  • mobile phones*
  • briefcases*
  • superannuation
  • professional memberships*
  • airport lounge membership
  • tools of trade*
  • car parking (FBT exempt only)

* Conditions apply.

Your employee may also be eligible for a wider range of income-tested benefits e.g. Family Assistance.

How will they know what to choose?

We help them decide what package will work best through our education workshops, one-to-one sessions and telephone support service – always using language your employees understand.

A note on our special vehicle and fleet service:

Single vehicle or fleet? We can manage both. Pay-Plan’s advantages include:

  • Choice of vehicle is not a problem - Pay-Plan can provide any car sold in Australia through their extensive dealer network (who respect our status as a fully independent salary packaging specialist company).
  • Delivering wholesale maintenance rates.
  • Never paying for something you don't need - our maintenance controls through one of Australia’s largest fleet management organisations make sure of it.
  • Having vehicle expenses budgeted and paid from the employee’s pretax salary.

Relieve staff of the administrative burden

Your HR and finance staff will be able to focus on the areas they do best, leaving the demands of salary packaging to us.

Our service includes:

  • Develop a programme which meets your HR strategy
  • Collection and vetting of all information required to create the salary package
  • Transparent negotiations with service providers
  • Processing the employee’s salary package
  • Processing all taxation and HR reports required
  • Salary sacrifice and employee contributions reports sent to payroll for every wage cycle
  • Salary Packaging Programme performance reports
  • Annual, on-demand and end-of-lease reviews.

Want to know how little work your HR and finance staff will need to do?
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Why Pay-Plan?

Why salary packaging with us is a pleasure

No hidden fees or commissions
Being fully transparent, we let you know how it all works and what it is going to cost – right from the start.

No lack of information
Your internal departments and employees will be able to login and access all relevant information through our easy, reliable and highly secure online salary packaging system – anytime, day or night.

No call centre teeth grinding!
We may be cutting-edge when it comes to salary packaging knowledge, but we are a little old fashioned about telephone customer service. All your calls will be responded to quickly by your allocated Pay-Plan specialist – the person who already knows your business, your staff, your systems and what particular advice you will need.

Talk to us about what your salary packaging needs.

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