Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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Our Products & Benefits Offered

Pay-Plan through it’s professional procurement process, panel supplier system and quality procedures offers a wide range of products designed to give maximum flexibility and choice.

Pay-Plan’s Car Lease Products

Pay-Plan offers a full range of leasing services, including operating leases, novated finance leases, novated operating leases and associate leases.  Depending on the lease type, these can be fully, partially or self maintained on new or used cars acquired from the dealer network, at auction or privately.  An employee can source the car themselves or use the services of our procurement specialists.  Discounts negotiated by procurement are passed back to the employee and finance brokerage is capped resulting in very competitive prices.  Our extended warranty, redundancy, and car insurance products offer you peace of mind.

Laptops and PDA’s

The ever changing world of technology means that the purchase of a laptop or PDA maybe severely restricted if a single source of supply is used.  Pay-Plan’s process establishes a client’s affordability criteria and then allows the client to source their laptop or PDA from virtually any source, giving the ultimate in flexibility and the opportunity to take advantage of retail sales and discounting.

Relocation Expenses and Remote Area Housing

Pay-Plan’s quality processes offer these benefits with the least hassle while ensuring an appropriate level of compliance.

Other benefits/product’s

Pay-Plan’s leading salary packaging evaluation model and administration systems are designed to efficiently deal with all salary packaging benefits including briefcases, airport lounge membership, professional memberships, in-house benefits, car parking (exempt only), mobile phones, otherwise deductible benefits, FBT exempt benefits and superannuation.


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