Pay-Plan is the only Australian salary packaging company that has received SAI Global's stamp of approval. Why? because no one gives services like Pay-Plan does.
ISO 9001:2010 Licence QEC21355

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About Pay-Plan

We are an independently owned Western Australian company with our head office in Perth servicing organisations in all sectors nationally. We specialise in salary packaging.

Pay-Plan is the only Quality Assured salary packaging company in Australia. For more than eight years we have provided clients with a specialised service. Our team is committed to delivering high quality products from designing an employer's salary packaging programme to administering the employee's salary package.

Our services cover:

  • Strategy and Policy Development – Our people have an extensive background in salary packaging so we can design and implement a salary packaging programme that meets your organisations needs.
  • Converting Existing Processes – Employees who are currently salary packaging can have their program converted to the Pay-Plan process. Our team works closely with organisations to make the necessary internal or external changes.
  • Remuneration Benefits Planning and Package Construction – Quality advice is the key to successful programmes. Clients benefit from our experience and requirements are discussed with employees on a one-to-one basis.
  • Procurement and Supplier Management – Our team’s commitment is to provide prompt, competitive and superior service at all times ensuring your car salary packaging experience is an enjoyable and rewarding one with minimal impact on your time.
  • Administration and Management - We will provide efficient support services for the sacrifice, benefit payment, FBT and GST reporting, online HR and employee reporting, package credit limit control and on-going management of employee salary packages.  Our administration system is a World leading application that not only supports the more commonly available salary packaging products but also supports products tailored to your needs. Transactions are checked, verified against agreed employer policy and audited by the system before they are completed.
  • Attraction and retention support - We will assist prospective and current employees understand the value of the employers offering.
  • Ongoing Advice and Service – A support service for employers and employees means an efficient salary packaging system is maintained. Ongoing reviews are conducted to ensure the system continues to meet government regulations. Updates can be made to information booklets if required. Employees have direct contact with their Pay-Plan Consultant.

Advantages of Using Pay-Plan

Clients benefit from our broad network of selected banks, financiers, fleet managers and car suppliers, ensuring employees are provided with competitive services.

As new regulations are introduced or existing provisions updated, we automatically inform our clients and make the necessary changes to their salary packaging program. This gives client confidence and removes uncertainty.

Pay-Plan's specialised software is innovative and world leading. This isn't a generic program that may fit your organisation. The program is specifically tailored to meet the individual demands of every client.

Compliance audits are built into the system and automatically generate exception reports. Employee packages are managed through budgetary control.

We can handle high volume academic and business sectors and work with the biggest universities and publicly listed companies; yet our programs can be custom-designed for smaller businesses.

Quality advice is the key to understanding the salary packaging process and its impact on disposable income. Education is an integral part of our service.

Pay-Plan is a professional and cost effective alternative to your organisation managing the program in-house.

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