Water Corporation
PO Box 100, Leederville
WA 6902

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I am interested in negotiating with my Employer to vary my remuneration to include Fringe Benefits. Should my request to do so be successful, I acknowledge that I will be required to sign an Offer of Remuneration Packaging Arrangement and any collateral agreements that are incidental to the provision of Salary and Fringe Benefits before my individual salary package can start. I also acknowledge my request is subject to the approval of my Employer and, if approved, I hereby authorise the release to Pay-Plan of all necessary and relevant employment particulars and for such to be released to interested third parties (including car lease providers) in connection with the provision to me of fringe benefits under my Employer's Salary Packaging Programme. I also acknowledge that this request will form part of the Terms and Conditions of my Offer of Remuneration Packaging Arrangement with my Employer and advise that: a) I have acted on my own account in making this request and confirm that: (i) I have been advised to seek advice on the appropriateness of salary packaging to my personal circumstances; (ii) I have not acted or relied upon any advice or information provided by or through my Employer. b) I understand that my Employer's contributions to my superannuation will be calculated by reference to my salary before the deduction of any Salary Sacrifice. Full details of the programme are contained in the Salary Packaging Guide.
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